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Dr. Rochelle Smith, MS, DC, PAK

Doctor of Chiropractic




3721 South Stonebridge Drive Suite 504

McKinney, TX 75070

A Bit About Me

Welcome! Just a little bit about me ... 

I am a born and raised Texas girl and mother to five beautiful children. Early in my childhood, I was in and out of the hospital frequently due to asthma and the complications that go along with it. At one point, my body failed and I left this earth momentarily. Jesus sent me back because He had work for me to do. Late into my twenties, a stumbled upon the root cause of my asthma. Since then, I have been asthma-free and pursuing more information on holistic and alternative health options. My journey led me to pursue a degree in chiropractic and many continuing education courses. I am passionate about helping people, especially mamas and babies, and serving my community by offering the wisdom and guidance everyone deserves. 

At Phoenix Rising Wellness Sanctuary, you are not just a patient or a number. You become a member of a thriving community of people in search of optimal health and wellness. It's time to turn your tests into testimonies, trials into triumphs, and messes into messages. 


1 / Degrees 

Bachelors of Applied Arts and Science - University of North Texas

Masters of Science in Functional Nutrition - Parker University

Doctor of Chiropractic - Parker University

2 / Current Certifications

FOCUS Certified Practitioner

PAK - Professional Applied Kinesiology

3 / Memberships & In Progress Certifications

ICPA Member - Certification in progress

ICAK Member

TCA Member

IFM Member - Certification in progress

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